Monday, April 27, 2015


A bit of a hiatus going on since my last post.  

I blame it on track season.  

Here is the general status of all things working out:

Track season--
I haven't worked out nearly as much with my sprinters this season.  Callum hasn't loved being out at the track.  In fact, he pretty much hates it.  I don't blame him.  I hold him during most of the workout.  I try to squeeze in a set or rep of the running workout here and there, but it is usually my second workout of the day so I'm not too fussed to get it done.  

Half marathon training--
Right after Lost Dutchman we signed up for Whiskey Row.  Whiskey Row is apparently a hardcore uphill race for the toughest of tough runners.  That race goes down in 6 days.  Knowing that it is a crazy race has kept me motivated to run regularly.  I've been getting 12-15 miles in per week no problem.  Last weekend I ran 10 miles in very hot weather.  It went well, but I noticed that my upper body strength has dwindled a little.  

I can say that I haven't logged as many miles as I would have liked, but I don't feel unprepared either.  I've done hills a few times.  With the craziness on my plate right now with work commitments, I honestly have done the best I could possibly do.  

This is the danger zone.  I have not lifted at all.  Something had to give with me doing track.  Weight room was the first to go.  Like I mentioned before, I can totally tell that I have lost some upper body strength.  Two weeks ago I started doing pushups and dips every morning.  It's a very small thing to say that I'm on it and addressing it.  

Struggle.  I think this also has a lot to do with coaching track.  I get home with a starving baby during or after meal time.  We are so hungry that we get something convenient rather than contemplate items that would be healthy and prepared.  I don't care as much that I haven't eaten that well as much as I care that Callum is suffering from my crazy schedule.  If I could do one thing to be a better mom, cooking healthy regularly would be it.  I have totally failed!  Part of the problem is that I hate cooking.  I like eating healthy but find do excitement in prepping meals or trying new recipes.  It's time to get on the ball now that I've dropped it so many times this school year.  

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