Monday, July 20, 2015

Bucket of Blood Half Marathon 2015


I won it. Certainly was not the easiest thing-I really had to push myself to a pace I didn't know I could maintain on an off road course.  

1:39:39. First female finisher. 
PR by almost ten minutes from the last time I ran this course.
**not a half marathon PR** This is a hilly off road course...thus, adding some time. 

I went into this race accepting that I might get beat by the same lady that has beaten me seen several times.  Green lady pictured below has been a rival of mine in recent years.  Early in the race she led, and I caught up.  At one point we ran together for two miles.  She told me that the pace I was setting was a bit too fast, and she encouraged me to go on.  Eventually I listened to her and forged ahead.  

For the rest of the race I fought to maintain my leader spot.  She was always a few strides behind me.  When she did try to pass, I always pushed ahead.  I ran aggressive thinking that I could do it.  Well, turn out I was strong enough. 

I rocked that race.  I ran smart.  Consumed a gel at mile 8 and 10.  Enjoyed water stops with huge cups of water.  

The hardest part of this race was the last mile.  It was on hot pavement that seemed to go on forever.  My kick wasn't as strong as I'd hoped it would be.  

It's all good.  I'm really proud of this accomplishment.  

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