Saturday, July 4, 2015

summer running

Summer running has gone fantastic so far.
I feel that I have accomplished many of the goals I intended to fulfill in the weeks off from school. 

Let's recap

My weekly mileage increased by 8-10 miles as compared to my training during the last few months of school.  

Ran three long long runs before leaving on vacation (10+ miles)

Ran in the humidity of Alabama during vacation.  My mileage was shorter, but I'm just proud of getting out there in such ridiculous conditions.  I've never felt so drained and fatigued from heat.  

Ran a 5k in Huntsville, Alabama in HEAT AND HUMIDITY. 
Ran a 5mi in Decatur, Alabama in perfect conditions.  Won the female race and managed to maintain a 7:16 pace

July plans
Run 5k on 4th of July (hoping for a PR)

Run Bucket of Blood Half Marathon on July 11

Maintain increased mileage through July 31

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