Sunday, August 2, 2015

8 miler

Today was a toughie. 
We set out to run 8 miles.  It was already hot, and I had gotten hardly any sleep.  Those kinds of things never stop me.  

In the first mile I realized that the pace we set was one that I could not maintain.  I was just too fatigued.  Kimmy ran on, and I soldiered through.  When we got to the cattle guard around mile 2, I allowed myself to walk for several strides.  It was enough to energize me and pump me up.   

Basically the rest of the run was a battle of heat and fatigue.  I did it, but it wasn't pretty.   My pace was over 9 minute miles, which is extremely embarrassing.  However, I find myself not caring.  It's really okay to have a slower run sometimes.  Just like in many things, not every run can be a great pace and great conditions.  You have to run through the tough ones to appreciate and thrive for the good ones.  

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