Sunday, August 30, 2015

the 11th week

I have finally gotten SOME relief from the fatigue and nausea that have plagued my workouts the past month.  
This week I successfully completed:
9 miler at 11 weeks

2 easy runs
1 swimming workout
1 yoga workout
1 tempo run-sub 8
1 long run-sub 8:30

I can hardly believe it.  After the way I've felt the past month, I didn't know if running was going to be a sustainable activity for me.  Maybe there is some truth to feeling better and more energetic in the second trimester. I better not talk about it any further-no need jinx it. 

This pregnancy seems to be going on forever.  I feel like I've already been pregnant for 14 months.  Maybe it is because I haven't announced my news.  I feel like it's time...I'm ready to get it out there.

Back to running-I intend to run a 10k and 1/2 marathon in the next six weeks.  Last pregnancy I did plenty of long distances with zero concerns.  I hope and pray that stays the same.  

Today's long run of 9 miles marks the longest distance I've ran since I was 4 weeks pregnant and ran the Bucket of Blood Half in a winning PR time.  All I ask is that I'm able to maintain my running base through the second trimester.  I need this.  The third trimester is a whole different ball game-one that I feel a little more prepared to conquer this time.  

I would compare the third trimester to hitting the abrupt wall in a marathon.  Things are going fantastic and all of a sudden a huge insurmountable barrier is placed in your way.  There is no way to safely and comfortably run up it, so you have to walk around it or turn back the way you came.  This time around I plan to make a more gradual switch to swimming and non-impact cardio well before I get to a place where my body can't do it.  


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