Sunday, August 2, 2015

the summer of running

It's been a good summer of running. 
I got some 10/11/12 milers in.  
I did the half marathon I intended to do. 
Ran two races on vacation.
Even got to the weight room and yoga consistently.

I'm 3 weeks into another school year, and so far I've maintained those same trends.
I've already biked to work four times.  

It's still really really hot, and I'm loving it.  However, for the sake of having a cool run, I'll be excited for the temps to drop soon. For someone that really hates winter, I really have no problem getting out the door to run in single digits or below freezing temps.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the hot sweaty run, but pace really gets effected after running for an hour plus in 80 degree plus. 

Just to get it out on paper...
Here are some of my intentions and goals for end of summer/fall

1.  maintain 20 miles plus a week
2. maintain long run on Saturday
3. modify and accomplish my running goal for Lake Powell 1/2 in mid October
4. rekindle my yoga practice in the Wednesday class or at home-once a week minimum
5.  a new goal that I haven't done since New Zealand... lift weights at lunch 2-3 days/week...
6.  be more disciplined with my food choices.  I haven't gone hog wild, but I can't say that I'm cutting out anything either

I'm at 500 miles for 2015.  I'd really like that number to be super close to 1000 at the end of December. 


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