Sunday, September 6, 2015

the end of the first trimester

What a ride.  

I enter the second trimester praying that it is filled with more energy and less queasiness.  
True to form, I followed my rule of thumb for good week/bad week.  This week was a bad week because last week was fantastic. 

I ran on Monday and ran a tempo pace for a non tempo run. 
On Tuesday I tried to do it again and couldn't.  I walked for several minutes because I just wasn't feeling great. 
Didn't even bother on Wednesday.  
Ran almost three miles on Thursday.  
Didn't bother on Friday.
Ran 4 miles on Saturday.

I guess it isn't that depressing, but I felt terrible.  Nighttime seems to be the worst.  When I come home from school, I have a hard time ever getting up again.  I am beyond exhausted and the nauseous feeling goes up big time.  

Again, as I enter the second trimester, I'm just hoping for some relief from the queasiness.  If this happens, I'll get some energy and will power back to do more running. 

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