Thursday, October 15, 2015

pre race ponderings

In many ways I want to make this a very successful race.  After all, I'm still not big enough to really have my pace effected by pregnancy.  I'm right at that mark where I'm about to get huge but still enjoying normalcy in all things I do.  

I have really been struggling with what pace to carry out on race day.  Do I just race like I usually do keeping in mind that water is crucial?  Do I slow it down to play it safe?  

All runs in the past few weeks tell me that I'm fine at the pace I usually do.  The staying cool and hydrated has been the bigger worry.  With that in mind, I'm aught to think I can go out as normal but not be a hero for place or time.  

I can feel it in my bones that I'm going to have a good race.  I just really really want to be safe out there.  I'm wondering how annoying the urge to go pee will be while running.  That pregnancy effect is settling in nicely lately.  

Here it goes for my first pregnancy half

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