Tuesday, November 3, 2015

20 weeks pregnant

I'm starting to feel more and more pregnant. My belly isn't a factor, but my bladder is.  I'm starting to have the constant urge to pee coupled with a general uncomfortable feeling in that entire region.

I am accepting of the fact that my running will now officially be with a different objective.  Distance begins being cut and focus is more on quality.  It'll be dropping to single digit runs with a mile pace that is considerably slower.  And I have to be okay with it.  I am okay with it. 

I haven't started wearing my pregnancy belt just yet.  My belly is on the verge of popping out.  Once that happens there is no turning back!

In looking ahead at these cold winter running months, I have a few goals that I'd like to get out on paper. 

1.  continue running safely and as comfortably as possible-be accepting of whatever distance this may be

2.  maintain my morning workouts four days a week with any combination of yoga, running, swimming, or lifting

3. be more mindful of the snacks I'm eating-I'm always starving and have started grabbing whatever is in front of me-for good or bad-because I'm starving.  Caloric snacks with some nutrition will keep me full longer

4. Yoga-continue implementation of prenatal exercises that help with a growing body and looming labor

5. Swimming-Once my belly pops and I'm really slowed in running, transition to lap swimming on a regular basis 

6. Lifting-regular trips to the weight room to maintain strength 

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