Tuesday, May 24, 2016

half marathon and marathon coming up

I'm at 11 weeks postpartum...definitely back in the swing of regular running.  However, there is still work to do.  

Here are some recent running highlights:

-did a mile time trial 6:40.  In reflection of this workout, I feel that my first and second lap need to be faster.  I had a very strong kick-which is great-but I would prefer to use some of that for the beginning.  really looking forward to watching this number go down throughout the summer

-got drawn for the st george marathon...one of the ultimate marathons among marathons.  will begin training for this event mid-june

-anxiously awaiting july so that I can hopefully have another decent Bucket of Blood 1/2 marathon race.  

-ran a ten miler at about 9 weeks postpartum..no problems...good pace


At 11 weeks postpartum I'm still anxious to get a few things in tip top shape.  The number on the scale is getting closer to what it was before pregnancy.  I'm within 8-10 pounds...I'm not one to do crazy dieting or ridiculous workouts just for the number on the scale.  I'm banking on steady and consistent running.  I'm also really really banking on breastfeeding helping me out.  It definitely played a part for the first pregnancy...excited for that to kick in.  


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