Wednesday, May 4, 2016

still kicking

Howdy there partner, 

I'm still alive.  Since the last time I wrote, Hot Dog arrived and I returned to normal non pregnant running!

All of the things that made up the third trimester of my pregnancy in terms of fitness were recorded on my other blog.  

To sum things up, I had a much better experience running during this pregnancy.  I knew what to expect and when to ease off or push it.  I ran to 37 weeks and stopped only because of the blood pressure thing that started to get scary.  That means there was 1 week that I didn't run while pregnant.  Not too shabby.  I ran a half marathon during the second trimester.  I ran a 5k during the third trimester.  

I'm now 8 weeks postpartum.  Here's the beef:

Running is officially normal again.  My pace is nearly to what it used to be...just a few more endurance runs to firm that up.  My mileage is at or above 20 miles/week.  I still have to be real careful about getting side stitches.  The same problem that I had with Callum is still a reality.  I'm pretty good about managing it at this point. 

My weight is getting down.  I don't fixate on it.  I am within ten pounds of my pre pregnancy 135.  I'm sure it will come.  I know that fixating will sabotage my efforts.  My butt is the thing that really got big during this pregnancy.  All of my jeans and bottoms are very snug!  I'm not used to it being filled out like it is.  Kind of weird.  

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