Thursday, July 14, 2016

still here

Still here. 
Made it through maternity leave/infant and toddler juggling running schedule...barely
Now transitioning to working mom/infant and toddler juggling running schedule...wish me luck. 

Due to a variety of reasons ranging from not running as much as I'd hoped and not having a ton of extra cash lying around, I decided not to run Bucket of Blood Half this weekend.  It's crushing and relieving all at the same time. 

I did a twelve mile run 3 weeks ago that went fantastic.  Solid 830 pace and no aches or pains to show for it.  Just beautiful.  Some of my other runs have been surprisingly tough for me.  I still feel really tired all the time...as in still waking up too many times in the night to have the energy to get the job done.  I sense that she is getting close to 1 or 0 wake up calls in the very soon future.  I sure hope so.  

I officially started training for the St George Marathon this week.  I am terrified of how hard it will actually be to train and work and be a good mom.  

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