Saturday, February 4, 2017

still getting it done

Don't let my delay in posting fool you. I'm still hitting the pavement 5 days a week. 
I've been good to run outside through winter despite a baby that wasn't sleeping through the night and being cold and just being dark. 

I invested in a head lamp for winter this year.  It's made all the difference in running safely at dark thirty before work.  I debated back and forth about doing the Phoenix Marathon on Feb 25 but ultimately decided to not do it.  I am doing the half marathon that same day and feel that this is best for me right now.  

I'm itching to actually get through marathon training and a marathon but have mostly come to terms that my season is not just yet.  It's been harder to just get out the door with 2 babies and a crazy work schedule husband.  

While my running hasn't taken a dive, one area that has taken a hit has been the weightroom.  Callum and Riley are good to come along with me when I choose to go, but I don't always like to do it.  I end up holding Riley in between sets and that's just not my style.

Looking forward to a great race in a few weeks.  Yee'go

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